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What is the MLS? How to List on the Local MLS for a Flat Fee in Florida

The MLS, or Multiple Listing Service, is an online database of real estate listings and property information. It is a platform where real estate agents and brokers share and access property listings. Each local area typically has its own MLS, and agents from that area use it to search for available properties and share information.

In Florida, we have many different MLS. Stellar MLS covers 15 counties throughout central and southwest Florida. Some areas, like Daytona Beach and New Smyrna Beach, have their own MLS. If you have a property in one of those areas, it’s important to list it on the specific MLS that local agents use.

When you list your property on MLS flat fee Florida with List Now Realty, we ensure that your listing is placed on the appropriate local MLS where agents in your area search for properties. We prioritize providing 100% coverage in the areas we serve.

The MLS vs. Zillow

Once your listing is on the MLS, it gets distributed to various public websites, including Zillow and However, there are some differences in how the information is displayed on different platforms. The MLS contains the most detailed information about a property, but as it is distributed to other websites, certain details may be omitted or displayed differently.

For example, when displaying contact information, MLS rules prohibit the inclusion of phone numbers, names, commissions, or confidential information in the public remarks section. Instead, this information can only be placed in the Realtor-only remarks section.

However, when the listing is displayed on Zillow or, only the public remarks are shown, and the contact information may not be visible.

To address this, we provide our office phone number on all our listings, and if someone calls that number, it comes to us, and we have a live receptionist who answers the call and provides the caller with your contact information.

Zillow Sells Their Leads

It’s also important to note that when a buyer clicks the “contact agent” button on Zillow, the inquiry may not necessarily reach us, the listing agent. Zillow often sells leads to other agents who have paid for them. While we do receive some leads as the listing agent, a majority of the leads may be sold to other agents who bid for leads by zip code. This is how Zillow generates revenue. Unfortunately, we have no control over this process, and it’s up to Zillow to determine where the inquiry goes.

Additionally, how information is displayed on Zillow or other websites may differ from the MLS. Each website takes the MLS feed and presents it in its own format, which may result in variations in how the information is shown and what fields are included. We have no control over how each website displays the data.

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The MLS is a crucial platform for real estate agents to access and share property listings. When listing on MLS flat fee Florida, we ensure your property is listed on the appropriate local MLS. We strive to provide accurate and comprehensive listings. Get started on your flat fee MLS listing today!

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