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Flat Fee MLS Listings in Florida: How to avoid paying 6% commission!

Are you looking to sell your property in Florida? If so, you may be familiar with the traditional process of paying a real estate agent a hefty 6% commission to list your property on the local Multiple Listing Service (MLS).

However, there is a more affordable option available that allows you to bypass the listing agent and save a significant amount on commission.

This article will explore flat fee MLS listings in Florida, who can benefit from using them, and the advantages they offer sellers.

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What is a Flat Fee MLS Listing in Florida?

A flat fee MLS listing in Florida allows you to list your property directly on the local MLS without paying a 6% commission to a listing agent.

Instead, you pay a low fee to a flat fee MLS listing company, such as List Now Realty. Additionally, you only pay the buyers’ agents a commission if they bring you a buyer.

The most common commission offered to buyers’ agents is 3%, although you can set your commission amount, even as a flat fee.

Who Can Benefit from Flat Fee MLS Listings?

While all sellers can benefit from flat fee MLS listings, certain individuals can maximize their savings and profits even more. Investors, house flippers, home builders, former real estate agents, and other experienced sellers often sell multiple properties yearly and pay a significant amount in total commissions. By opting for a flat fee MLS listing, they can save a substantial portion of that commission, resulting in higher profits per deal and the ability to outbid other investors who still pay the standard 6% commission.

For first-time home sellers, working with a full-service real estate agent for their first or second sale is generally recommended to familiarize them with the process. Once they gain experience, they can utilize flat fee MLS listing Florida to save a considerable amount on commission.

Benefits of Flat Fee MLS Listings in Florida

Reduced Commission

The most apparent benefit of a flat fee MLS listing in Florida is the significant savings on real estate commission. Instead of paying a typical 6% commission, you only pay the commission to the buyers’ agents, typically 2.5% to 3%, resulting in approximately half the usual commission cost.

Increased Profit for Investors

Investors can enjoy higher profits on each deal by saving on real estate commissions. With reduced expenses, they can bid higher on properties and outperform competitors who still pay the typical 6% commission.

Enhanced Exposure for FSBO Sellers

For-sale-by-owner (FSBO) sellers can benefit from flat fee MLS listings in Florida by gaining increased exposure for their properties. Instead of relying solely on FSBO signs and websites like Zillow, listing on the MLS automatically syndicates the property to hundreds of real estate websites. This saves time and effort, as changes made on the MLS are automatically updated across all syndicated websites.

List Now Realty: Your Flat Fee MLS Listing Solution

If you’re ready to list your property on the local MLS with a flat fee MLS listing in Florida, List Now Realty is here to help.

As Florida’s leading flat fee MLS company, List Now Realty offers a user-friendly, 100% online, and paperless process. Whether using a tablet, mobile device, or computer, you can easily submit your listing directly on our website.

By choosing List Now Realty, you benefit from:

  • Access to the local MLS without middlemen
  • Automatic syndication to hundreds of real estate websites, eliminating the need for multiple logins or manual updates
  • Free automatic showing scheduling via ShowingTime
  • Listing on top real estate websites like Zillow,, and more
  • Free changes and updates to your listing, including price adjustments and status changes
  • Prompt customer support to address any questions or concerns

With List Now Realty, you can take advantage of all these benefits and more while saving a substantial amount on commission. Our transparent pricing structure ensures you know exactly what you’re paying for, with no hidden fees or surprises.

Selling your property in Florida doesn’t have to mean paying a 6% commission to a listing agent. With a flat fee MLS listing in Florida, you can save thousands of dollars in commission while still enjoying the benefits of MLS exposure. Whether you’re an investor, FSBO seller, or experienced seller looking to maximize your profits, a flat fee MLS listing is a cost-effective solution.

List Now Realty, the leading flat fee MLS company in Florida, offers a convenient and affordable way to list your property on the MLS. With our user-friendly online platform and comprehensive services, you can reach a wide audience of potential buyers and increase your chances of a successful sale.

Don’t let high commission fees eat into your profits. Choose a flat fee MLS listing in Florida with List Now Realty and take control of your selling process while saving money.

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