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Sell Your House With A Flat Fee MLS Listing In Sarasota, Florida!

Investors, flippers, and private sellers are looking toward flat fee listings when selling their homes in Sarasota, Florida. By listing and selling for one low price, sellers are ultimately able to keep thousands of dollars in their pockets. When you sell the traditional way, you will be stuck paying your agent 6%, no matter the level of service they provide for you. At List Now Realty, we work with homeowners who are looking for the exposure of an MLS listing, without the hefty price tag. There are never any hidden fees or charges. We will modify your listing as much as you need us to and provide you with advice from our onsite broker! Contact us today for more details! (352) 385-7636

Why Work With List Now Realty?

When you choose to work with List Now Realty, you will receive an MLS listing and exposure to buyers all over the country, without having to give up 6% of your profits. We offer a flat fee real estate listing, which is all-inclusive. We will change your listing, add and delete photos, and provide you with advice from our broker all without any fees or additional charges. While other flat fee companies will leave you to your own devices, we are here to support you every step of the way. If you need to sell a house in Sarasota, Florida, find out how much a flat fee listing agreement will benefit you!

We Help Investors In Sarasota, Florida Save Money!

The typical investor will make several transactions each year. When you calculate how much is going into agents pockets, the numbers can be staggering. Paying 6% of your profits on every sale will cause you to generate profits that are not as high as they could be. When you choose a flat fee listing for your Sarasota, Florida home, you will save thousands and not have to worry about any unexpected charges at the closing table. We make things simple so investors can buy and sell with extremely low costs.

Some Facts About Sarasota, Florida

Sarasota, Florida is located on Florida’s Gulf Coast, just south of Tampa. The city is home to approximately 60,000 people. Sarasota first appeared on a Spanish map, with the name “Zarazote” and was permanently settled in the late 1800s. Sarasota is home to white sand beaches, fantastic dining, and many cultural activities. The city offers a flourishing community and economy.
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