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Sell Your House With A Flat Fee MLS Listing In Sanford, Florida!

At List Now Realty, we can help you save thousands on the sale of your property in Sanford, Florida. We work with real estate investors, property flippers and people who simply want to sell without having to give up 6% of their sale price in real estate commissions. Flat fee MLS listings can save you money and be the selling solution you have been waiting for! By choosing a flat fee MLS listing, you will still receive all of the exposure on an MLS listing, without having to sacrifice your profits. Get in touch with us for more information on flat fee MLS listings in Sanford, Florida. Contact us for details! (352) 385-7636

Why Work With List Now Realty?

We’re much different from other flat fee MLS listing companies in the Sanford, Florida area. We charge a low, flat fee without having to worry about any other add-ons or hidden charges. We will add, change, and modify your listing as much as you need us to! We will add the maximum amount of photos for your property, and give provide you with advice from our broker! Many other flat fee services, will nickel and dime you for every change and upgrade to your listing!

We Love Helping Real Estate Investors Save Money!

As an investor, you shouldn’t be spending 6% on every transaction you make! Think about how much traditional real estate agents will cost you over time! By choosing a flat fee listing in Sanford, Florida, you will easily improve your bottom line. Many local investors in the area turn to us to help them sell properties while saving money. You don’t have to continue throwing your money away! Get in touch with us right away to find out how much we will be able to save you!

Some Facts About Sanford, Florida

Sanford, Florida is a city of approximately 59,317 people, located in Seminole County. The city is about 20 miles northeast of Orlando, Florida, and about 40 miles southwest of Daytona Beach. There are historical 19th-century buildings lining the streets, as well a Riverwalk offering a number of entertainment options. Sanford, Florida is serviced by the Sunrail commuter train, making the location ideal for those working in the Orlando area.
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