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Sell Your House With A Flat Fee MLS Listing In Orlando, Florida!

A flat fee listing is the perfect way to sell your house in Orlando, Florida. When you choose to utilize a flat fee listing, you will receive all of the benefits of having your home listed on the MLS, without having to pay any expensive commissions. This means that you can take that 6% usually charged by an agent, and put it right back in your pocket. Your property will receive excellent exposure to buyers all over the country, without you having to worry about any hidden costs. Whether you are a local property investor, a private seller, or a professional property flipper, we will work with you to create the best listing possible. We are always happy to edit and modify the listing as needed. Find out more about how a flat fee MLS listing can help you sell your house in Orlando, Florida! Contact us today for more details!

Why Work With List Now Realty?

Most real estate agencies you find will want to list the property on your behalf while taking a 6% commission on the final sale price. At List Now Realty, we do things much differently. We provide flat fee MLS listings for sellers in Orlando, Florida as well as many other parts of the state. We charge one flat price to get your property on the MLS, so you can sell your house fast without any unexpected fees or costs. We will work with you to ensure your listing is perfect, modifying it as many times as you need. Whereas other flat fee agents will charge you for every change, you will never see any additional costs when you work with the best flat fee mls in orlando, List Now Realty.

We Help Investors In Orlando, Florida Save Money!

If you are an investor in Orlando, Florida real estate, you should never be paying 6% in agent commissions. With the number of transactions the average investor completes each year, the cost of commissions can be absolutely staggering! When you opt for a flat fee listing, you will be able to stay on budget, putting more profit into your pocket. As investors ourselves, we know that sometimes the margins can be very tight. That is why we make it very simple for investors in Orlando, Florida to buy and sell at a very low price with mls listings.

Some Facts About Orlando, Florida

The city of Orlando, Florida is the county seat of Orange County and is home to about 280,000 people. However, the Orlando metropolitan as a whole is home to approximately 2.8 million residents. The city is located relatively centrally within Florida, about 85 miles from Tampa and 60 miles from Daytona Beach. Home to many nationally recognized attractions, Orlando, Florida is visited by millions of people each year. The boom in Orlando’s economy occurred when Walt Disney announced his plans for Disney World here. Orlando, Florida is now home to more theme parks and attractions than anywhere else in the world.
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