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Sell Your House With A Flat Fee MLS Listing In Leesburg, Florida!

If you want to sell a house in Leesburg, Florida, a flat fee listing will be able to save you thousands! Unlike a traditional sale, where the agent keeps 6%, we charge one low rate to get your property listed and seen by buyers all over the country. We work with private sellers, flippers, and investors who want to save money on the sale of their houses. You do not need to pay an agent an expensive commission or worry about any hidden fees or charges. We will provide you with a professional listing, modified as frequently as you like, as well as insight from our broker! List Now Realty will provide you with all the benefits of being on the MLS, without having to worry about the usual costs. Ready to learn more? Contact us today for more details! (352) 385-7636

Why Work With List Now Realty?

List Now Realty provides flat fee real estate listings without any hidden fees or charges. While other agencies will charge a 6% commission or nickel and dime you for all aspects of their service, we will charge you one, flat, all-inclusive rate to get your home on the MLS. You will receive a top-notch MLS listing, as well as the support of our broker! We will modify your listing as needed and be of service throughout the entire transaction. Don’t throw your money away when you could choose a flat fee MLS listing for your Leesburg, Florida home!

We Help Investors In Leesburg, Florida Save Money!

As an investor, you are likely making several transactions each year. When you tack on 6% of every sale going to an agent, your profits may not be as high as you would like them to be. As investors ourselves, we understand how slim the margins can be, there is typically no room for unexpected expenses. By choosing a flat fee, you can sell your property, while keeping more of the profit for yourself. You know the ropes. You know what makes a house sell in the area. You don’t need to pay an agent to do what you can easily do on your own. We can save you a staggering amount of money, all while providing you with all of the benefits of an MLS listing.

Some Facts About Leesburg, Florida

Leesburg, Florida is a city of approximately 22,000 people, located in Lake County. The city is located in the center of Florida, making it a relatively short distance from both the Gulf and Atlantic Coasts. Leesburg, Florida is located relatively close to Orlando, at about 45 miles to the northwest. With it’s prime, centralized location, residents can easily enjoy many of the attractions and destinations Florida is famous for!
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